JHEMCU FE200T 16x16 VTX Transmitter



JHEMCU FE200T 16x16 VTX Transmitter from Cyclone FPV

The FE200T series is transmitted as a 5.8G ISM band analog image transmission. It has stable output power, long transmission distance and strong power supply filtering. It can ensure that the image has no snowflake and no horizontal stripes under the maximum throttle. The picture adopts the flight control OSD (TXD) signal to control the transmission frequency (IRC Tramp), and only needs to connect any TXD (serial port transmission) of the flight control to the RXD (serial port reception) of the picture transmission, and also The function of manual button switching is retained. Support PIT mode tuning.


  • The output power is stable and the transmission distance is long.
  • Fast 3-speed power switching, independent two red indicators, indicating the current transmitting power of 25/100/200MW.
  • The frequency point uses 4*3 LEDs to display 40 channel values.
  • Support OSD remote tuning (IRC Tramp), support PIT mode tuning, can only be opened in the OSD.
  • Small size, the antenna uses IPEX interface, reducing the footprint of the PCB board.
  • Small size: 16.5mm * 16.5mm, mounting hole M1.
  • Light weight: 1.7g


  • Input voltage: DC 4.5-5.2V
  • Input current: 200MW = 400 MA
  • Power switching: third gear 25MW, 100MW, 200MW
  • Signal channel: 40
  • Frequency switching: manual button / OSD (IRC Tramp) (simultaneous support)
  • Antenna interface: IPEX
  • The dimensions: 16.5MM * 16.5MM

* Due to voltage sensitivity, this product will not be replaced or warrantied due to voltage shortage or incorrect wiring. 

Frequency Adjustment:

  • Short press to change frequency and indicated below
  • JMT FE100T frequency chart

Power Adjustment:

  • Long press (more than 2 seconds) to enter power adjustment mode.
  • Press button to switch as indicated below 
  • Default setting is 200mw
  • JMT FE200T Power Chart

OSD Settings:

  • Set Peripherals Tab in BF to IRC Tramp
  • Use RX from VTX to an available TX on FC