JHEMCU SIF4 16x16 FC 13A ESC VTX Stack


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JHEMCU SIF4 16x16 FC 13A ESC VTX Stack from Cyclone FPV

SI-F4 Flight Controller

  • CPU: STM32F411CEU6
  • Sensor: MPU6000 three-axis accelerometer / three-axis gyroscope
  • Power supply: 2-4S battery input
  • BEC: Built-in 5V/2A
  • Receiver: Support Sbus or serial RX interface, Spektrum 1024/2048, SBUS, IBUS, etc.
  • Buzzer interface
  • Support for programmable LED_Strip
  • Built-in voltage detection, alarm
  • Built-in OSD function, BF online adjustment
  • Dimensions: 20*20MM, screw hole distance 16*16MM, M2

BS-13A 4 IN 1 ESC

  • Input voltage: 2-4S LiPo/2-4S HV LiPo
  • BEC output: none
  • Single ESC continuous operating current: 13A*4 (maximum current: 15A 3 seconds)
  • Outline ESC size: 21*24mm (including pad and protruding point maximum size)
  • Screw hole distance 16*16MM, aperture 2MM
  • Firmware: BLHELI_S G_H_30_REV16_7.HEX
  • Support Dshot600, Dshot300, Dshot150, Oneshot125, Multishot, PWM control signals


  • Input voltage: DC 4.5-5.2V
  • Input current: 200MW = 400 MA
  • Power switching: third gear 25MW, 100MW, 200MW
  • Signal channel: 40
  • Frequency switching: manual button / OSD (IRC Tramp) (also supported)
  • Dimensions: 20MM*20MM Pitch: 16*16MM, M2

Receiver configuration:

  • When SBUS/IBUS, DSM receiver input, please configure RX2 as input interface.
  • Factory firmware: betaflight_X.X.X_MATEKF411.HEX

Package Included:

  • 1 x SI-F4 Flight Controller
  • 1 x BS-13A 4 IN 1 ESC
  • 1 X SIVTX-5840 VTX
  • 1 X 8P*0.5MM Cable wire
  • 1 x 6P*0.5MM Cable wire
  • 1 x IPEX-2 5.8G Antenna
  • Total Weight: 14g