HTRC 4B6AC 4 Port LiPo Battery Charger


$129.99 $159.99

HTRC 4B6AC 4 Port LiPo Battery Charger from Cyclone FPV

QUATTRO B6AC allows you to plug 4 batteries into one charger simultaneously,
and it will intelligently and automatically charge all 4 of them at once to their maximum capacity. To top of it, the batteries being charged do not even need to have the same configuration. You can connect different chemistry(Ni-MH/Ni-CD/LiPo/LiFe) batteries into any of the charging ports. No more staying up late for charging batteries.


  • Charging.
  • Discharging.
  • Cycle Charging/Discharging (Ni-X).
  • Balancing (Li-XX)
  • Battery Voltage Displays(Li-XX)
  • Audible Warning Signals
  • Built-In Safety Features


  • Compatible Batteries: Li-Po, Li-Fe, Li-ion, Ni-CD, Ni-MH PB.
  • Available Number of Cells:
  • Li-Po/Li-Fe/Li-ion:1- 6cells,
  • Ni-MH/Ni-CD:1-15 cells.
  • PB:1-10 cells 2-20V
  • Input Voltage AC:110V-240V .DC 11-18V
  • Charging Power: Max.80W x 4 (Total 320W))<br/>
  • Discharge Power:Max 8W x 4 (Total 32W)<br/>
  • Charging Current: 0.1 - 5.0A <br/>
  • Discharging Current: 0.1-1.0A <br/>
  • Dimension: 225 x170 x66mm

Package Contents:

  • 4 x Balance Block and Cables