Hot Glue Gun Glue Stick 20 Pack

FPV Elite


Hot Glue Gun Glue Stick 20 Pack from Cyclone FPV

Before you say anything about it being a 20 Pack, I need to point out that these glue sticks are almost twice the length of the standard glue sticks we used. These are 7mm (.27") in diameter by 270mm (10.7") long. I starting stocking these because it was cheaper to order them longer and then cut them in half when I would use them. So really, you are getting 40 standard length sticks in this order.

This goes well with our 20Watt Glue Gun

These are the glue sticks that I use during my live builds and they have proven to work very well with the 20Watt glue gun that we now offer. These are part of my "Must Have" Took Kit for Drone Builders. ~ Tarek Maalouf