HGLRC Zeus F722 30x30 3-6S F7 and Zeus F7 DJI Flight Controller



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HGLRC Zeus F722 30x30 3-6S F7 and Zeus F7 DJI Flight Controller from Cyclone FPV

*There are now two versions to select from. The F722 30x30 FC and F722 30x30 FC with onboard DJI Plug. Some boards will still show Forward on the F722 Series. 


  • Built-in LED controller
  • MPU: MPU6000
  • UARTS: 5
  • CPU: STM32F722 RET6
  • Input Voltage:3-6S Lipo
  • Built-in Betaflight OSD to adjust PID
  • BEC Output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A
  • LED Control: BF/Button
  • BlackBox: 16M
  • Size: 37.3x37.3mm
  • Installing Hole: 30.5X30.5mm
  • Weight: 8.1g

Product Features:

  • AN Integrated LED controller allows quick programming of LEDs with the push of a button.
  • Integrated barometer and 16M black box.
  • Maximum BEC 9V/2A and BEC 5V/3A output
  • Easy direct soldering for TBS Nano VTX, XM+, and TBS CROSSFIRE NANO Receiver
  • Quickly connect LED and GPS via socket and DJI Unit (with DJI Version)

Package Included:

  • 1 x Zeus F722 Flight Control
  • 4 x M3 Shock absorption(red)
  • 1 x SH1.0 8PIN Cable 60mm
  • 1 x 6P M81 GPS dedicated cable 140mm
  • 1 x 4P M80 GPS dedicated cable 140mm
  • 1 x 6 PINS DJI AIR UNIT PORT CABLE 90mm (with DJI Version)

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** May Use USB C Data Plug**