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Genesis-XLp5 Drone from Cyclone

The Genesis-XLp5 takes the reliable strength of the Genesis series frame and slams it to a new LOW PROFILE. The all new Genesis-XLp5 is the finished product that resulted from one year of Genesis frame designs, flight testing, and customer feedback. The Genesis series of frames have been produced for almost a year now but the major overhaul comes as a direct result of continued input and feedback from team pilot Aaron "Dronzen" Moore. Through constant modifications, design changes, and component updates, Aaron requested a longer frame, more room for components, and larger surface area on the battery plate to fit larger LiPo's. The new Genesis-XLp5, which officially replaces all the Genesis series of frames, has been modified in those very specific areas as well as a few other design and structure dependent areas in order to following areas in order to earn its spot as the one and only Genesis from Cyclone FPV. Some of the final changes and modifications are:

  • Base Frame - Cut and hand finished 4mm 3K Carbon Fiber with M3 mounting holes to fit both 30x30 and 20x20 stacks. The frame length has also been extended 30+mm in order to make room for additional components such as Buzzer Finders and extended top plates for batteries. The frame has also been designed to fit two independent 30x30 or 20x20 stacks front to back. This feature allows for greater options in component selection.
  • Top Plate - Cut and hand finished 2mm 3K Carbon Fiber with M3 mounting holes and a wider carbon fiber run to reinforce the mounting holes. The top plate has been extend 30+mm to allow more room for larger LiPo batteries and dual strap protection. Additionally, the top plate has also seen a 5mm forward shift if HD Camera Enclosure mounting holes as well as the addition of three openings to allow for wire passthrough and XT60 top mount abilities. The last change resulted in the addition of two cut-outs at the back of the plate which allow the XT60 and VTX Antenna bracket to fit and lock in place. 
  • Arms - Cut and hand finished 4mm 3K Carbon Fiber arms feature our patent-pending ArmLOK(tm) design for reduced arm movement during flight and impact. Three M3 mounting holes have been added to give a solid and tight fitting while the ArmLOK(tm) interlocks the two front and rear arms together. Additionally, the Genesis-XLp5 is designed to fit 7" arms without having to change, add, or modify any existing frame components. 
  • Back Plate / Front Plates - In order to slam this frame to 10mm between the bottom and top plate, the side plates were removed and replaced with high-end onyx printed rear support with VTX antenna fittings and two front high-end onyx printed supports with FPV Camera fittings. The strength and durability of high-end onyx helps to maintain the integrity of the Genesis series frame.
  • Height and Standoffs - The frame is fitted with four 10mm aluminum standoffs, two for the front portion of the top plat to fasten to the bottom plate, two for the back portion of the top plate to fasten to the bottom plate. The standoffs are fit inside the onyx print to provide additional support while being completely hidden from view. 
  • Assembly - The Genesis-XLp5 comes fully assembled to ensure that all pieces fit properly and securely. The frame is wrapped and then shipped ready to go. All screws are color coded to reflect their specific size and help to avoid any mix-up during your build. 
  • Weight - The weight of the Genesis-XLp5 (as seen in the pictures) is 135g. It is solid and can handle a great deal of weight such as larger LiPo's, HD Cameras (GP Session etc) and various other options. The frame also comes with four self-adhesive rubber landing pads which can be added by you once it is unpacked. 
  • Warranty - The Genesis-XLp5 comes with a lifetime warranty for the following parts:
    • Top LiPo Plate
    • Bottom Base Frame
    • Arms, Standoffs, Screws, and Printed Back Plate and Front plates, come with our standard manufacturer warranty against defects.

* Please note that at the time that the Genesis-XLp5 was posted, I had not completed a live build with components so the only images I can offer are the frame-only version until the live build is completed later this week. The Genesis-XL5 frame has been placed on this page so you can compare the height differences. 

Here are some STL Files that you can use if you want to print your own camera mounts, back mounts, etc...