Genesis XL5 XL6 XL7 XLp XLAIR Replacement Parts

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Genesis XL5 XL6 XL7 XLp XLAIR  Replacement Parts from Cyclone FPV

All Genesis XL series frame parts can be found below. Please note that the top plate, side plates, and bottom plate all have a lifetime warranty. Arms do not come with the same lifetime warranty and will have to be purchased in pairs. 

Replacement Parts:

  • Genesis XL5 / XL6 / XL7 / XLp Top Plate - $10.00 (Lifetime Warranty)
  • Genesis XL5 / XL6 / XL7/ XLp Base Pate - $20.00 (Lifetime Warranty)
  • Genesis XL5 / XL6 / XL7 Side Plates (Pair) $10.00 (Lifetime Warranty)
  • Genesis XL5/XLp 5" Arms (Pair) - $20.00
  • Genesis XL6/XLp 6" Arms (Pair) - $22.50
  • Genesis-XL7/XLp 7" Arms (Pair) - $25.00

Please note that if you have broken any of the items that are covered by our Lifetime Warranty, please make sure you contact us by clicking here. You will be able to complete an online form and we will prepare your replacement parts immediately. 

3D STL Files:

Here are some STL files that you can use if you want to print your own camera mounts, back mounts, etc...

GoPro Session Enclosure: (click file name to download)

XL Series:

XLp Series:

XLAir Series:

  • Zip File of 5 Items:
    • DJI Air Unit Mounting Brackets (L/R)
    • DJI Air Unit Camera Mounts (L/R)
    • Rear Antenna, XT60, LED Bracket