Genesis-XL Series Replacement Parts

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Genesis-XL Series Replacement Parts from Cyclone FPV

Cyclone FPV offers the following replacement parts for your Genesis-XL Series Frame. Cyclone FPV will not sell these parts individually to anyone who has not yet purchased a complete frame.

  •  Base Frame - Cut and hand finished 4mm 3K Carbon Fiber with M3 mounting holes to fit both 30x30 and 20x20 stacks. The frame length has also been extended 30+mm in order to make room for additional components such as Buzzer Finders and extended top plates for batteries. The frame has also been designed to fit two independent 30x30 or 20x20 stacks front to back. This feature allows for greater options in component selection.
  • Top Plate - Cut and hand finished 2mm 3K Carbon Fiber with M3 mounting holes and a wider carbon fiber run to reinforce the mounting holes. The top plate has been extend 30+mm to allow more room for larger LiPo batteries and dual strap protection. Additionally, the top plate has also seen a 5mm forward shift if HD Camera Enclosure mounting holes as well as the addition of three openings to allow for wire passthrough and XT60 top mount abilities. The last change resulted in the addition of two cut-outs at the back of the plate which allow the XT60 and VTX Antenna bracket to fit and lock in place. 
  • Side Support and Camera Plate - Cut and hand finished 2mm 3K Carbon Fiber with M3 and M2 holes, the side plates have been modified from front to back. The front location has seen a shift of the M2 FPV Camera mounting holes roughly 5mm back to provide greater protection to the camera during flight. In addition to this, the rear aluminum standoff was moved from the lower portion of the plates to the top portion, thus increased the strength and support to the battery plate and also to each side plate. Finally, the rear portion of the side plates have been shaped to allow for interlocking XT60 and VTX Antenna mounts which not only lock into the side plates but now also lock into the top plate. These changes help to reinforce each point of the frame without increasing weight.
  • Arms - Cut and hand finished 4mm 3K Carbon Fiber arms feature our patent-pending ArmLOK(tm) design for reduced arm movement during flight and impact. Three M3 mounting holes have been added to give a solid and tight fitting while the ArmLOK(tm) interlocks the two front and rear arms together. Additionally, the Genesis-XL5 is designed to fit 7" arms without having to change, add, or modify any existing frame components. 
  • Back Plate - Added as an option, the Onyx printed plate is designed to provide optional features for VTX antenna mounting, XT60 mounting, and various other mounting options such as buzzers etc. The STL files will be supplied so that you can print your own or modify our design to meet your needs. The back plate interlocks with the carbon fiber side plates and carbon fiber top plate to provide a much stronger and reliable fit.

    Replacement Parts:

    • Genesis-XL5/XL7/XLp Top Plate - $10.00 (Lifetime Warranty)
    • Genesis-XL5/XL7/XLp Base Pate - $20.00 (Lifetime Warranty)
    • Genesis-XL5/XL7 Side Plates (Pair) $10.00 (Lifetime Warranty)
    • Genesis-XL5/XLp 5" Arms (Pair) - $20.00
    • Genesis-XL7/XLp 7" Arms (Pair) - $25.00

    Please note that if you have broken any of the items that are covered by our Lifetime Warranty, please make sure you contact us by clicking here. You will be able to complete an online form and we will prepare your replacement parts immediately. 

    Here are some STL Files that you can use if you want to print your own camera mounts, back mounts, etc...