FrSky USB to SPort (SmartPort) Adapter


$12.99 $14.81

FrSky USB to SPort (SmartPort) Adapter from Cyclone FPV

This is a must-have for anyone who finds themselves having to update the firmware of multiple receivers. Rather than using your own radio, simply plug in this USB to SPort adapter and then run the Frsky Update Tool (click here to download) and you are all sent.


  • Will install .frk and .frsk files
  • The software works for USB to SPort, FRUSB-3, and STK

*Notes: make sure that you have the USB adapter plugged in before running the FrSky Update Tool or it will not see your Com Port. Then make sure that you load the update file prior to plugging int the receiver to the Adapter. Once you have the file loaded, the screen will say "finding device" and this is when you plug it in. Once it is done updating, click end and unplug your RX. That's it.