FrSky R9 STAB OTA 900MHz 16CH Long-Rage RX ACESS



FrSky R9 STAB OTA 900MHz 16CH Long-Rage RX ACESS from Cyclone FPV

R9 STAB OTA is a 900MHz long-range and stabilization receiver with a built-in 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer.

Multiple Flight Modes

  • R9 STAB OTA has 8 PWM channels, on traditional fixed-wing models it will support stabilization, automatic level, hover, and knife-edge flight modes. For delta wings and V-tail models, it supports stabilization and automatic level flight modes.

ACCESS Protocol

  • R9 STAB OTA receiver implements the ACCESS protocol and brings the user improved performance and features. It supports wireless over-the-air firmware updates, making binding to receivers even easier as well as conveniently checking the current receiver firmware version.

Configurations Parameter

  • Paired with a FrSky radio transmitter, the parameters can be adjusted conveniently through the LUA script. In addition, parameters may also be adjusted by FreeLink (PC) and FreeLink App (with AirLink S)


  • Brand Name: FrSky
  • Item Name: R9 STAB OTA Receiver
  • Dimension: 45.7*26.3*16.2mm
  • Weight: 18.6g
  • Numbers of Channel: 8/16CH (CH16 outputs RSSI)
  • Operating Voltage: DC 3.5V~10V
  • Operating Current: 140mA@7.4V
  • Gyroscope Precision: ±2000dps
  • Acceleration Precision: ±4g
  • Compatibility: R9M 2019/R9M Lite/R9M lite Pro with ACCESS firmware
  • The compatible ACCST firmware for this receiver will be released later. Please stay tuned for the update.


  • ACCESS protocol and supports OTA functions
  • 900MHz/868MHz long-range with low latency
  • Built-in 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer
  • Support S.Port
  • Supports quick configuration for setting multiple flight modes (quick mode)
  • Detachable Ipex1 connector antenna
  • Multiple configuration methods (LUA script and FreeLink)


  • 1 x R9 STAB OTA Receiver