FPV Tilt Mount Parts 4 Parts Orange

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FPV Tilt Mount Parts 4 Parts Orange from Cyclone FPV

This excellent package contains four different parts all molded in bright orange ABS plastic.  

The Mobius Tilt Mount has a fixed tilt angle of 10 degrees. The mount can be affixed to your quad by screws, straps or tape. The Mobius camera can also be fixed to the mount.

The Rotational Mount is an ideal frame for 25mm format cameras like the Fatshark 420 CCD. It gives a tilt angle of approximately 15 degrees on an average 250 quad frame. Secures onto most FPV frame camera mount plates.

The Mini cam adapter mounts onto the Rotational Mount for smaller 17mm format cameras like the Mini CMOS FPV 520 TVL camera. Tilt angle of up to approximately 28 degrees can be achieved.

The Antenna Angle Mount is used to keep those flexible FPV TX aerials held at a 90 degree angle. zip ties can be used to hold the mount in place for different thicknesses of antenna wire.

Mobius Mount Specs:
Weight: 4.6g

Rotational Mount Specs:
Weight: 3.1g

Mini Cam Adapter Specs:
Weight: 1.2g

Antenna Mount Specs:
Weight: 0.1g

1 x Mobius Tilt Mount
1 x Rotational Mount
1 x Mini Cam Adapter
1 x Antenna Angle Mount
2 x M2x5mm screws