Exodus-iM220v1 Inverted Racing Drone from Cyclone FPV

Cyclone FPV


Exodus-iM220v1 Inverted Racing Drone from Cyclone FPV

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Introducing the all new Exodus MFrame-i220v1 inverted racing frame. The MFrame-i220v1 made by CycloneFPV enters the racing scene sporting inverted motors mounted underneath arms. In order to provide the anticipated thrust to weight ratio, the quad was actually flipped and parts were recut to fit. With the CycloneFPV CHAOS 2207.5-3400KV Motors delivering over 1700g of thrust, and prop wash becoming a thing of the past thanks to our inverted motor design, this quad willbe the new beast in the air.


  • Frame: CycloneFPV Exodus MFrame-i220v1
  • Material:6.5mm G10FR4 Arms
  • Additional Material: 3mm G10FR4 Main Lower Plate, Battery Plate, Rear Plate
  • Additional Material: 3mm G10FR4Side Plates, Camera Mount
  • Battery Strap: CycloneFPV 20mm LiPo Strap
  • Weight: 140g with220mm 5" Arms


The frame itself is made of G10FR4 Material which has been my go-to material for quite some time. The rule-of -thumb about this material vs. Carbon Fiber has been "If you want to look at your quad, then use Carbon Fiber. If you want to fly your quad, then use G10FR4". I will agree with this statement on many levels due to the fact that G10 is not conductive, which has a great level of importance as we continue to make quads smaller and smaller. The risk of shorting out a component on a CF frame increased as we mount the electronics closer to the frame and, in some cases, becomes an even greater issue if we want to use metal hardware (vs nylon) to fasten the components to the frame. G10FR4 is very durable but does not have the level of stiffness that CF has. In crash tests and stress tests at our facility, CF will usually crack, delaminate, or break in tests where G10FR4 has flexed. Arguments can be made about G10FR4 having less stiffness than CF which, for all practical sense, is true. However, the stiffness of the frame is adjusted through the thickness of the material and depending on the application, I have found it usually best to allow a little flex on impact in order to avoid total loss of the frame. Finally, the most significant factor for many has been the looks of G10FR4. While Carbon Fiber is far more eye appealing, G10FR4 is a better overall product for multi-rotor frames that may experience high-impact.