ESD Series Precision Tweezers 6 Piece Set

FPV Elite

$5.99 $6.99

ESD Series Precision Tweezers 6 Piece Set from Cyclone FPV

  • The tweezers set are made of high strength stainless steel with anti-static non-magnetic paint on the surface, ensures excellent non-slip handling and light reflection, non-magnetic and non-sticky, which can avoid sticking small items.
  • Each tweezer is plated resistive ESD coating, which prevents static damage to electronic components. Resistive ESD coating helps to protect electronics from static.
  • Tweezers adopts ergonomic design and takes moderate elastic tip to ensure a firm exact grip and reduces work fatigue. Each tweezer has a suitable plastic protective sleeve to avoid damage for the tip of tweezers and accidental injury.
  • Tweezers Kit apply to electronics, craft, jewelry, laboratory work, soldering, circuit boards and so on. Perfect for precise operation and pick small items.

These are the same tweezers that I use in my live builds. They have endured some harsh abuse and high temps during my builds and they continue to perform well. One thing to note is that they are VERY SHARP and if you poke yourself with the tip of one of these, you will bleed. Be careful and have fun. These tweezers are also part of my "Must Have" Took Kit for Drone Builders. ~ Tarek Maalouf