EMAX RS1106 6000KV Micro Motor CW Thread


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EMAX RS1106 6000KV Micro Motor CW Thread from Cyclone FPV

"Emax motors are often sold in a bundled set and all four motors can come in CW or CCW and may not arrive with two CW and to CCW. This is not a mistake but rather a decision made by the mfr. to package them this way. This does not impact the function or reliability of the motors as they locking nuts keep the props in place. I always recommend that loctite be added when using motors that are all fastened in the same direction." ~ Tarek Maalouf

Brand name: EMAX
Item model: RS1106
KV: 6000KV(2s)
Weight: 7g (w/ O silicone wire)
Propeller: 2''-3''

-Most powerful micro motors for 2''to 3'' propellers
-RS exclusive ''Cooling'' design on a micro sized motor
-Prop bolt pattern for Emax 2345 M2 x 9mm and M2 x 5mm Propellers
-High Quality NSK bearings for long lasting smoothness
-Strong N52SH Magnets
-Factory Balanced Precision CNC Motor Bells

Package included:
1 RS1106 - 6000KV motor (CW)