Cyclone FPV X210v3 Drone DIY Kit

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Cyclone FPV X210v3 Drone DIY Kit

Adding to our Affordable Drone Initiative (ADI) is our new DIY-X210v3 Drone Kit featuring some amazing components. Designed for all skill levels, the DIY-X210v3 features a good selection of hardware that will allow both beginner and veteran pilots the opportunity to put together a full drone kit without breaking the bank.

Please make sure to review the contents information, required tools information, and also the video section, in order to be fully prepared before you purchase this kit. 


Recommended for this build:
  • This setup comes as is and will not have a warranty with it. DIY Kits are fun to install and configure but with this comes the fact that people who are new to the industry or do not have the level of skill to complete soldering jobs etc. can accidentally damage components. Due to fact that these items are sold below cost in order to make this a more affordable intro package, this item is a brand-new, non-returnable, non-refundable, non-warrantied item.
  • In order to lower shipping costs, some items may be removed from their original packaging in order to lower weight and shipping container size.
Camera and Receiver Selection:
  • The default camera for this build will be the lumenier CMOS camera. I only have 5 of these in stock which means that three units will come with comparable cameras such as RunCam or another well-known brand.
  • The default receiver is the FrSky D8 compatible series. If you require a FlySky, please add this to your notes when you complete the sale and I will edit the order once it is paid. 

    Part 1 of 2 - Assembly: