Cyclone FPV Diablo-DT5 Frame

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Cyclone FPV Diablo-DT5 Frame

The Diablo-DT5 is one of my newest creations in the 5" racing realm. The frame design is inspired by one of my favorite frames from Diatone (hence the DT in the model name) but has some modifications added to it to make it fit more in line with what I felt I needed for my own frame styles.

One of the biggest changes is the removal of all metal hardware including the front and rear brackets, the top camera bracket, and the lower LiPo strap bracket. The design has been updated to a slotted fit with 2mm carbon fiber sides sliding into the 5mm base frame and then fastened using square m3 nuts that are inserted into the side plates.

The side plates are cut at a 35 degree angle to house a GoPro session or other HD Camera and has a slot cut to fit a LiPo strap to firmly hold the camera in place. Standoffs have been placed at specific points on the side plates for strength and durability purposes while the back of the frame allows for an additional insert for Antenna attachments.

This frame is a power hours but much respect must go out to the folks at Diatone for their excellent work and inspiration in this new creation. Out of respect for the company and their work, I did leave the arms shaped very similar to their design but changed the motor mounting area to have a passthrough center hole and also changed the mounting holes to accommodate more motor styles.

One last change that is the most significant when comparing models to the original Diatone is the ability to go three boars up when selecting components. This means that you can fit a 30x30 4-in-1 ESC, a 30x30 Flight Controller, and a 30x30 VTX and still have plenty of room for your receiver and finder buzzer if you wish.

Design Process: