Darkside Cricket 190 Frame Kit

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Darkside Cricket Frame Kit from Cyclone FPV

Are you ready to come over to the Darkside of FPV Drone Racing?

Darkside Quads have released their latest revision of the sub 200 Drone design for serious FPV Drone racers.. the Cricket! 

Manufactured from the highest quality CNC machined carbon fiber, this single billet 4mm thick frame is almost indestructible and will withstand just about anything you can throw at it.   By using a single bolt through design of the centre stack, four bolts go all the way through the bottom deck to the top deck and separates this frame from anything we have seen for strength.  Add to that slick knurled quality metal fixings and you have yourself a no-nonsense Drone racer frame that goes together in minutes.   

Darkside Quads are designed by Stevie1Dur and Nytfury from Team Multistar. They design FPV Drone Racers for Drone Racers and the Cricket is no exception. Its central mini-tower setup makes for a very maneuverable machine and one that will take all the demands of FPV Drone racing and then some.

The results speak for themselves; since launch the Darkside Cricket has:

- Won Zappos XDC1 and GoPro XDC2

- Won FPV Lightrax France 

Wheelbase: 174mm
Weight: 72g
Size: 150 x 150 x 47mm  

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