Revelation-U85v1 Mini Racing Frame/DIY Bundle

Cyclone FPV


Revelation-U85v1 Mini Racing Frame and DIY Drone KitDIY Bundles

The brand new, ultra-light, ultra-compact, and ultra-fast Revelation-U85v1 from CycloneFPV is now available and ready to WHOOP that ass at the races. Features a solid Carbon Fiber unibody fame, the Revelation-U85v1 is our answer to the growing demand for small, fast, and reliable racing quads. However, do not let this small frame fool you. The biggest complaint I receive from my smaller drones is that they are fast. Well, this is going to be the number one problem some of you will experience with the Revelation-U85v1. It is not just fast. It is a beast. Is it too fast? Well, perhaps it is too fast for some uses but then again, you can also just slow down..but WHYYYYYY?

My dream was to always push the limits and making slower quads is just not what I do. You want slow changes your throttle curve. You want slower, buy a turtle. You want speed, performance, agility, and durability? Well, then you have come to the right place. You will have to learn to fly it and get used to the response because after all, you wont find a 1S or 2S on this quad. No way. This is a 3S and 4S design..and it is ready to kill it in competition.




  • Base Frame -2mm Carbon Fiber - Unibody Construction
  • Mounting - 20x20 offset at 45 degrees
  • Motor Spacing - 85mm can fit up to 2.3" props
  • Motor Size - 11xx Mounting
  • Prop Guard -None
  • Enclosure -None
  • Assembled weight with components - 59g (no lipo)
  • Component option - 20x20 configuration with no height restriction
  • Receiver -Mini/Micro receiver under camera mount base

Optional Add-Ons:

Coming soon....