CycloneFPV Revelation-i85v1 Frame

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CycloneFPV Revelation-i85v1 Frame

There is no doubt that indoor racing and flight are in an upward trend right now which is why I have put my focus into designing a series of indoor racing drones that will perform above and beyond current market expectations. The new CycloneFPV Revelation series is designed to meet the growing call for indoor safety without compromising on performance and reliability.

The new Revelation-i85v1 was created using many unique design features exclusive to CycloneFPV. The use of G10FR4 material eliminates the danger of grounding out tight fit components to the frame. Unlike Carbon Fiber which is highly conductive, G10FR4 is a non-conductive, high-strength, and high-durability glass composite material from the same family of material as fiberglass. By utilizing G10FR4, something I have been incorporating in all my designs, I can offer you the best in both strength, reliability, and component safety, all while maintaining an affordable price point.

The Revelation-i85v1 is an inverted (i) 85mm design featuring extended arms that are designed to fasten to the prop guard. Incorporated into this design is the exclusive folding Onyx enclosure that was created to provide protection for the battery and camera while also providing a level platform for additional components such as HD Cameras.

The unique inverted design, rare on the market, is becoming a staple in my new line of quads. The ability to "push" the air downward without passing it over the components, helps to significantly reduce the prop-wash issues that come with standard design builds. In many cases, prop-wash appears to be eliminated all together, thus bringing you the most stable hovering and flight time. The inverted design by CycloneFPV also provides more efficient flights thus improving flight time and flight quality in many cases.

  • Base Frame - 2mm G10FR4 (85mm from center motor 1 to center motor 4)
  • Prop Guard - 2mm G10FR4
  • Enclosure - 2mm Onyx
  • Dry weight - 45g fully assembled without components
  • Motor option - 11xx motor mounting
  • Component option - 20x20 configuration with total stack height of 15mm
  • Receiver - Micro receiver housing under stack

The build pictured above uses the HGLRC Zeus AIO FC, the HGLRC TX2.0 VTX, and the FrSky XM Micro Receiver. All fit without issue. The housing for the LiPo was designed to fit the ThunderPowerRC Adrenaline 3s-450mAh LiPo but can be modified to fit a battery of your choice (within reason). The top of the enclosure is solid and flat and currently holds the Hawkeye FireFly HD Cam/DVR. However, the configuration would allow for the components to be enclosed in the housing and the LiPo to be placed on top (where the HD Cam is).

Simply put, there are so many options with the new Revelation series, that you can manipulate the build to fit your needs and component selection (within reason)