Starter Drone DIY-100v1 $100.00 and DIY Drone Kit

Cyclone FPV

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Starter Drone DIY-100v1 $100.00 and DIY Drone Kit

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I am proud to launch our new affordable drone initiative with our focus placed on providing affordable "Do-It-Yourself" complete kits for all skill levels. This new kit features a good selection of hardware that will allow both beginner and veteran pilots the opportunity to put together a full drone kit, including a transmitter, without breaking the bank.

Our first kit, the DIY-100v1, marks what I believe to be the lowest priced quality kit on the market, and I am confident that you will be just as excited to build it and hit the air when you are ready.

Please make sure to review the contents information, required tools information, and also the video section, in order to be fully prepared before you purchase this kit.

Finally, let me just say that I am thrilled to be a part of this new project. Through our purchasing power and ability to locate the best deals on past product, we can now make intro-level drones more affordable to our customers.

I hope you enjoy this kit and I look forward to seeing you progress pictures when you are finished. As always, please email me at if you have any questions during your build.


Tarek Maalouf
Work Mule

  • One Kim195X Frame
  • TwoBlack Widow 2204-2100KV CW Motors w/ESC
  • Two Black Widow 2204-2100KV CCW Motors w/ESC
  • One Naze32 Acro Flight Controller
  • One Matek XT60 PDB
  • One Quanum Elite QB66 Camera/VTX AIO Combo
  • One CycloneFPV 20x235 LiPo Strap
  • One Silicone Non-Slip LiPo Pad
  • Four self adhesive landing pads
  • One Turnigy Evolution Transmitter with Receiver
  • Four 22mm M3 Screws for PDB/FC
  • Four 5mm Nylon Standoffs for PDB/FC
  • Eight M3 Nylon Nut/Fasteners for PDB/FC

Recommended from our customers:

  • 3S battery is recommended but you can use 4S (don't hammer it)
  • 4" and 5" props will work perfectly with this build

** Please Note**

  • The camera can be mounted using double sided tape or via the 3d printed part that I have created. You an opt to have the file sent to you and from there, arrange to have it printed or you can purchase the item from me for an additional $10.00 and have it printed using Onyx.
  • This setup comes as is and will not have a warranty with it. DIY Kits are fun to install and configure but with this comes the fact that people who are new to the industry or do not have the level of skill to complete soldering jobs etc. can accidentally damage components. Due to fact that these items are sold below cost in order to make this a more affordable intro package, this item is a brand-new, non-returnable, non-refundable, non-warrantied item.
  • The Turnigy Evolution will come in either white or black. At this time we have more white controllers but please note that you may receive white or black. The selection will be made prior to packing but will not permit the end-user to choose. Again, it will be simply white or black.

Video 1 of 3

Video 2 of 3:

Video 3 of 3:

In order to complete this build as shown in the video, you will need the following items listed below. Some are mandatory while others are recommended. I have included links to all the items:

  • Soldering Iron - In my videos my soldering iron I use is one of the best on the market (IMO). It is the X-Tronic re-work station and I simply love it. Now, you do not have to have one by any means. However, people always ask me what temp I keep mine at and for soldering I keep mine at 360 degrees celsius. (xtronic 5040-xr3) (xtronic 4010-xts)
  • Solder - The most important change I made when it came to soldering was the decision to switch to Kester 63/37 solder. The Kester brand is more expensive than the lower brands but trust me when I tell you that this solder is a must! You will spend $24.00 a spool but it will last you forever. Also, you will need to get the .031" diameter roll. This thinner option helps to reduce the chance of you adding too much solder to the pad. Especially on the smaller builds coming out. (kester link)
  • Flux Pen and Flux Paste - Both critical to the builds that I do but only one is really necessary while the other is something I have just now added to my build and I love it. First, the Flux Pen by SRA Soldering Products is a must. Simple apply the pen to the soldering pads and boom, you are done. Easy to clean, no mess really, and full protection and benefits from flux. This is a must. The Flux paste has come in very handy when I am tinning wires. I simple strip the wire and push the exposed stands into the paste. Then I twist and apply solder. Works perfectly. (flux pen link) (flux paste link)
  • Zip Ties - For this build I will be using eight 4" zip ties. There is really nothing to say about this so I am just going to give you the link. (aptronix 4" ties)
  • Tweezers - Another item I cannot complete a build without. (tweezer 7 piece)
  • Double Sided Tape - Gorilla Tape makes some of the best double-sided tape in the industry. I love it and only use it. (double sided tape)
  • 14g Wire - This is great wire that solders well and his a very thick outer silicone sheathe. (14g wire)
  • Tools - I have had all my tools made for me and now they are available to purchase from this website. Hex tools, Phillips, Flat Heads,Motor Bell Holder, Prop Fastener...

I have tried to add a list and links for the most common items I use. If you have any questions about any particular part or item, please email me at and let me know.

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Jeremy Fuhrman
I recommend this product

Can’t beat this

Great quad to get into the game. You can’t beat the price and with Tarek’s video help anyone should be able to do this. I am teaching my 10 and 12 year letting them build it and learning how to fly. They loved building it and have learned to fly it pretty well. Thanks Tarek for this build. This should help many to get into the hobby at a very low price.

Corbett E.
United States
I recommend this product

Amazing Value!

This has been such a fun and educational build! A great DIY for someone like myself who is just getting into FPV racing. Even includes the radio controller, all for under $100. Links for the custom-created camera mount STL files are made available, as well as how to videos. Highly recommend this build!

David K.
United States
I recommend this product

Great deal!

Excellent deal on quality products. Fun project!

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