Cyclone FPV Revelation 107HD 2.5 Inch Frame and Drone DIY / RTF / BNF / PNP

Cyclone FPV


Cyclone FPV Revelation 107HD 2.5" Frame and Drone DIY / RTF / BNF / PNP

click here to view the Revelation-85HD 2" drone

Frame Specifications:

  • Origin: Made in the U.S.A. (Cyclone FPV in Spring Texas)
  • Material: 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Material: TPU
  • Construction: Hand-Crafted and Finished by Tarek Maalouf
  • Wheelbase: 107mm
  • FC Mounting Options: 16x16, 20x20, 25x25
  • Motor Mounting: 11xx / 12xx
  • Type: Unibody
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Weight (frame only): 7g

Hardware Specifications (as shown in build pictures above)

  • Flight Controller (FC): JHEMCU GHF411Pro¬†25A or 35A¬†AIO
  • Speed Controller (ESC): (see above)
  • Video Transmitter (VTX): Caddx Vista HD
  • Camera: DJI HD
  • Receiver (RX): SBus via DJI Transmitter
  • Motors: HGLRC 1106 3800KV (4s) or HGLRC 1106 2400KV (6s)
  • Props: HQProp T2.5x2.5x3
  • GPS:¬†None
  • LED:¬† Integrated JHEMCU LED/Buzzer
  • Buzzer: Integrated JHEMCU LED/Buzzer
  • Prop Guards: None
  • Weight (full build w/out LiPo): 108g
  • Weight (full build w/4S 450mAh): 162g
  • please note that weight would be less if Vista is not used
  • please note that the vista is not the stripped-down (naked) version

Recommended LiPo:

  • Auline 4S 450mAh
  • Auline 4S 650mAh
  • Auline 4S 850mAh

Package Contents for Frame Only:

  • 1 x Cyclone FPV Revelation-107HD Carbon Fiber Frame
  • 1 x TPU Printed Camera Mount
  • 1 x TPU LED/Buzzer Mount
  • 1 x¬†PLA 25-20mm Mount
  • 2 x M2x20mm Black Textured Aluminum Standoffs
    • (use these to insert into the side of the camera mount)
  • 1 x M2x5mm Black¬†Nylon Standoff
    • (use this to insert into the front of the camera mount)
  • 2 x M2x8mm¬†Button¬†Head Screws with Nylon Washers
    • (use these to fasten down the LED and Cam to the 20MM M2 Standoffs)
  • 4 x M2x8mm Button Head Screws
    • (use these in the 25-20 to fasten fc to frame)
  • 4 x M2x10mm Button Head Screws
    • (use these in the 25-20 plate to fasten standoffs to)
  • 4 x M2 Nylon Fasteners
    • (use these to tighten the bottom FC Cover under the frame)
  • 1 x Hook and Latch Adhesive
    • (one side will be applied to the FC Cover. the other goes on your LiPo)

Update 05/08/21

The Revelation 107 and 107HD are now coming as one unit and will not be divided into two different models. They will be sold under the name Revelation 107. Some modifications and upgrades include the removal of the bottom print. The FC is now mounted on the top of the frame and an adapter is provided to modify from 25mm hole spacing to 20mm hole spacing. The Camera print is now provided with both front (in front of the standoffs) and rear (behind the standoffs) camera mounts. This will help to allow larger cameras with longer lenses. The LED mount was changed to become more robust and fit a larger LED Buzzer such as the JHEMCU 4 LED Buzzer here. Finally, the top GPS Mount was modified slightly to allow for larger cameras to pass underneath while still providing excellent room for the BN-180 Edition GPS Unit.