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Quattro-5HD and Quattro-5A¬†Frame and Drone Kit DIY PNP BNF RTF Plug'nPilot‚ĄĘ

Following in the footsteps of the Quattro-4, the Quattro-5 series is the 5-inch version boasting 6mm wide braces, a 5mm thick carbon fiber frame, and our unique CycloneFPV motor mounting design. Adding to this the identical center layout as the Quattro Beast, and the Quattro-3 (3" version), you can swap the same components between all three designs. Featuring 20x20 and 30.5x30.5 mounting patterns, options for the DJI Air Unit and Caddx Vista, and the optional TPU enclosed carbon fiber top plate and protective skirt, and you have one amazing frame. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

  • All hand-crafted CycloneFPV Frames come with our Lifetime Warranty. So fly the hell out of it. Crash it! Smash it! Live it! Love it! Fly it! For more information about our Limited Lifetime Warranty,¬†please click here.¬†¬†

Buy It! Fly It! Try It! Guarantee:

  • All hand-crafted CycloneFPV Frames come with our Buy It! Fly It! Try It! No hassle satisfaction guarantee! Buy it. Fly it. Try it. If you don't like it, return it and we will place a credit back on your account for something else. For more information about our Buy It! Fly It! Try It! program,¬†please click here.


  • In addition to our DIY+ option, CycloneFPV offers exclusive "We Build It" and "We Build It Live" options that allow you to sit back and relax while taking care of all the building and programming options. Do you already have¬†a¬†transmitter? Great! We will use our BNF (Bind and Fly) options to ensure that your new drone comes ready to bind to your existing radio. Once it arrives, bind it to your radio, and you are ready to hit the skies. Do you need a radio? That is easy. Our RTF (Ready to Fly) options can provide you with a brand new transmitter and all the additional accessories such as batteries, battery chargers, and anything else you might need.¬†

Plug'nPilot‚ĄĘ and DIY+ Available:

  • If you are looking to build your own drone and would like us to supply you with a solderless option known as Plug'nPilot‚ĄĘ or a standard soldered option with a video series that you can follow along with known as DIY+, you select either of these options towards the end of the dropdown menu selections. For more information on Plug'nPilot‚ĄĘ and DIY+,¬†please click here.

      Quattro-5 Frame Specifications:

      • Material - 3K Carbon Fiber
      • Wheelbase - ~218mm
      • Motor Options - M3x16x16 / M3x16x19¬†(22xx motors)
      • FC Options - M2x20x20 / m2x16x16
      • Camera Hole Position -¬†m2x20 (DJI Cam Fit)
      • Space Height - 20mm
      • Prop Size - 5"
      • Top Plate Thickness -2mm Carbon Fiber
      • Bottom Plate Thickness - 5mm 3K Carbon Fiber (Unibody)
      • Arm Thickness - 5mm 3K Carbon Fiber (Unibody)
      • Side Camera Mount Thickness - TPU Custom
      • Skid Plate Thickness - 3-4mm TPU Custom
      • Front Landing Plate Thickness - 3mm TPU Custom
      • Total Net Weight¬†(frame only /without TPU) -¬†TBA
      • Total Net Weight (frame with TPU additions and screws) -¬†TBA

       Quattro-5A Specifications:

       Quattro-5HD Specifications:

      Frame Package Contents:

      • 1 x Cyclone FPV Quattro-XL 5 Inch Frame (5mm)
      • 1 x Cyclone FPV Quattro Beast Top Mount (2mm)
      • 1 x Custom TPU Camera Mount (your color choice)
      • 2 x Custom TPU Front Landing Plates (your color choice)
      • 1 x Custom TPU Rear Skid Plate (your color choice)
      • 6 x M2 20 mm Aluminum Standoffs (black)
      • 4 x M2 15mm Aluminum Standoffs¬†(black)
      • 20 x M2 10mm Aluminum Screws (socket head)
      • 2 x M2 12mm Aluminum Screws (socket head)
      • 8 x M2 1mm Nylon Washer
      • 1 x Cyclone FPV Kevlar Lipo Strap (black)
      • 1 x Cyclone FPV Silicone LiPo Strip

      Additional Items:

      STL Files:

      • One zip file containing all the following: (click here)
        • Front landing pads - regular
        • Front landing pads - low pro
        • Rear landing pad
        • DroneSkirt(tm) frame
        • DroneSkirt(tm) top
        • 20mm Offset Plate

      Note: I personally cut each frame to order and will not cut these ahead of time. I personally cut, wash, sand, buff, and chemically treat each frame prior to shipping. This entire process from order to shipping can take between one to two weeks so please be patient. ~ Tarek Maalouf

      Update 05/25/2021:

      There will no longer be the option to have your name cut into the remaining piece of carbon fiber. The top plate will vary between 2mm and 3mm. This has proven to be a non-issue in terms of strength testing and therefore we will use whichever is available to cut at the time of the order. Chamfered edges proved to be less effective than we initially hoped and will no longer be an option. This does mean that the DroneSkirt(tm) will be offered again. 

      Update 04/07/2021:

      The Quattro-XL5 is no longer coming with the DroneSkirt(tm) since the frame will now have chamfered edges on both sides. This is effective immediately. There are now four motor holes added to each motor mount, the farthest back mounting holes have been moved 2mm towards the end of the frame and a third center mounting hole has been added so that the DJI Air Unit can now be placed flat. The top plate has been widened and a third mounting hole has been added to line up with the new middle mounting hole on the frame. 

      Update 03/01/2021:

      The Quattro-XL5 no longer has 16x16 mounts. We have also added 30.5x30.5 mounts to the back portion of the frame.

      Update 01/14/2021:

      The Quattro-XL5 frames will now come with a standard 3mm Carbon Fiber top plate to add even more strength and durability when adding a top mount camera. All aluminum standoffs will now come in textured black. 

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      Robert W.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Wow, Just WOW

      Once you hold it in your hand you say wow, I Thought it was a steel frame at first it was so solid. This Quattro of mine is just the best flying Quad I have, Nice punch, handles tight, Overall just a Nice Master Piece, Looks like a work of art that should be hanging on a wall,, OH That's right It does when I'm not using it. When I first got it, I said NOW I have to buy one to fly,, I CANT crash this one. I Have crashed it Hard once, it didn't have a scratch, Put new props on, Its been flying ever since. Cyclone FPV is the best to Deal with.

      CycloneFPV.com Cyclone FPV Quattro XL5 Inch Unibody Frame and Drone DIY / RTF / BNF / PNP ReviewCycloneFPV.com Cyclone FPV Quattro XL5 Inch Unibody Frame and Drone DIY / RTF / BNF / PNP Review
      matthew h.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Quattro 2.0

      Just received what I believe to be one of the first of the new rtf Deadpool Quattros. As soon as I finish rubbing my ***** body on it I'll fly it. But I can already tell you it will be smooth as butter. Every little thing had been thought of. from the rubber padding on the capacitor to keep it from bouncing, to the brilliantly ziptied antennas. everything is secured, looked at, and then vibration proofed. The frame is as sturdy as a New York City Man Hole cover. Zero flex, absolutely nonskies. Now, I have an associates degree in history from a reputable city college, So you can trust me when I say that structurally it is engineered to perfection. It looks like a piece of climbing gear. After literal seconds of research I have come to the conclusion that this should be hanging from Batman's belt. I have two adult kids and two young ones.....all of them crash everything but a simulator. I have had a 4" quattro hit the ground with the force of a super hero landing, cartwheel an uncountable amount of times, right itself and fly away. I'm not saying it's unbreakable.....I'm saying I dare you to break! It will be a ridiculous amount of fun trying, and if you manage to pull it off, Tarek will look at the damage and factor it in to future builds so it doesn't happen again. He's the Orqa of frames

      Jeff C.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Sometimes different is good

      Flew mine for the first time this weekend, can’t believe how quick and stable it is. I had my doubts at first but I was wrong it’s definitely a favorite in my fleet. Hit a tree limb and it dropped 50 to the ground didn’t hurt a thing, it’s nice not having to worry about breaking an arm. I’ll definitely have to get a second one.

      CycloneFPV.com Cyclone FPV Quattro XL5 Inch Unibody Frame and Drone DIY / RTF / BNF / PNP ReviewCycloneFPV.com Cyclone FPV Quattro XL5 Inch Unibody Frame and Drone DIY / RTF / BNF / PNP Review
      Ronald K.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      5 inch Quattro

      I have not built the quad yet but the product is constructed well looks great and the service was fantastic

      Angel S.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Love it!!

      I'm so impressed with how easy was to tune! the hard work of Tarek is definitely shows building 2 more soon

      CycloneFPV.com Cyclone FPV Quattro XL5 Inch Unibody Frame and Drone DIY / RTF / BNF / PNP ReviewCycloneFPV.com Cyclone FPV Quattro XL5 Inch Unibody Frame and Drone DIY / RTF / BNF / PNP Review
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