Cyclone FPV Cyne-One 3D Parts and File Links

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Cyclone FPV Cyne-One 3D Parts and File Links

Please feel free to download the .stl files that we have created for the Cyne-One drone. If you would like us to print the items for you, simply select the items below and we will have them ready ship in 48 hours or less.

Files and Links:

Customer Created STL's:

Additional STL's:

  • I added these two files because the HGLRC Zeus AIO Board was hitting the printed material that fits over the standoff. I modified it to remove half of the material which worked just fine and also allowed for the board to fit.
  • At the request of one of our customer, I created this GoPro Mount for the Cyne-One. I printed it in TPU and it worked perfectly. 

Please note that if you would like us to print your parts, make sure to indicate the color in the "notes" section of your order during checkout.

If you would like any custom-designed pieces for your Cyne-One, just click here and let me know what you need. I create all 3D parts at no charge and provide the files for free.