EMAX RS2205 2300KV RaceSpec Brushless Motor With 3-4S 30A BLHeli lightning ESC Power Combo for RC Drone



"Emax motors are often sold in a bundled set and all four motors can come in CW or CCW and may not arrive with two CW and to CCW. This is not a mistake but rather a decision made by the mfr. to package them this way. This does not impact the function or reliability of the motors as they locking nuts keep the props in place. I always recommend that loctite be added when using motors that are all fastened in the same direction." ~ Tarek Maalouf

Please note that you must pay close attention to the firmware updates of this esc. CycloneFPV.com will not be held responsible for errors during firmware updates.

Brands: Emax Model: RS2205-2300KV Framework: 12N14P No. of Cells: 3 - 4S Color: Red Length: 31.7mm Shaft: M5 KV: 2300 Max Thrust: 1024g Diameter: 27.9mm Propeller Suggested: HQ 5045 BN Weight: 30g(1PC)


Item Name: 30A BLHeli lightning ESC Input Voltage: 3-4S Continuous Current: 30A Bust Current: 40A BEC: No. MCU: F396 Weight: about 5.5g(includes wires) SizeL 24.5x12.5x5mm
Package Included:
4 X RS2205-2300KV motor
4 X 30A ESC
1 X L-Wrench
60 X Screw
4 X Nut