CNHL MiniStar 450mAh 3S 70C LiPo



CNHL MiniStar 450mAh 3S 70C LiPo from Cyclone FPV

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  • Stock Number - 45703G
  • Capacity - 450mAh
  • Voltage - 11.1V / 3-Cell / 3S
  • Discharge Rate: 70C Continuous
  • Charge Rate: 5C Max 
  • Size: 23mm x 18mm x 65mm
  • Weight: 49g (with wire and connector)
  • Output Connector: XT30U
  • Balance Connector: JST / XH

Info from Cyclone FPV Owner:

A few things to remember:

  • Cells will charge to 4.2V for a total of 12.6V
  • Cells should be storage discharged to 3.7V
  • C Ratings are estimates from the Mfr. 
  • I recommend Charge and Discharge at .5C for all LiPos in this range