CFPV Motor Servo Tester Kit

Cyclone FPV


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I came up with this simple design in order to have a quick way to test motors without having to solder them to an ESC etc. The setup allows you to screw in the motors to the connection on the ESC and then use a standard battery to power up the Server Tester and test your motors. This brought my average time for motor testing to less than 1 minute per motor. If you are testing motors, I recommend this as a low cost option.

  • 1 Server Tester
  • 1 ESC (6a-12a)
  • 1 JST LiPo Connection (you can change - just email me)
  • 1 PCB 3 port screw adapter
  • 1 5v step-downconverter for Servo Tester
  • 1 Base Plate