Caddx Vista Parts Video Board and Power Board



Caddx Vista Parts Video Board and Power Board from CycloneFPV

These parts are removed from brand new Caddx Vista units. We will not accept any returns on these parts. If you purchase one of these parts and attempt to file a return, we will close your account immediately. We do not have time for scammers, trolls, and dishonest people to try and purchase these parts just so they can do a switch with their broken parts and then try to return these. Take your con game elsewhere. All Sales Are Final.


  • Brand new top board (power board with USB and UFL connection)
  • Brand new bottom board (video board with camera connection)

Package Contents:

  • You will receive one brand new, never used, top or bottom board (your choice)
  • Items will come with thermal paste on them and will arrive in anti-static bag (see pic)
  • You may have to wipe some of the thermal paste off the boards as it may spread to other areas during shipping. 
  • Only boards are shipped. No mounting hardware, casing, cables, ribbons, or anything else. Just the board that you choose. 

Due to the higher demand for the Power/USB Board, the price for those will be $10.00 higher than the price for the Video Board. We are pulling these out of new units so this basically renders our brand new vistas non-functioning.