Caddx Nebula Nano Digital FPV Camera



Caddx Nebula Nano Digital FPV Camera from Cyclone FPV

May 28th 2021:

Price Increase: Due to limited supplies and limited availability on re-orders, the Nebula Nano and Micro Digital Camera price has been increased from $36.99 to $46.99 with anticipation of a price drop later this year once stock supplies are back in order. 

The Caddx Nano is compatible with the Caddx Vista and the DJI Air Unit Module.


  • Only weights 4.5g
  • Can expand from a 14x14mm camera to a 19x19mm camera
  • 720p/60fps resolution
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Options: camera only or 8ccm/12cm coaxial cable
  • Model: Nebula
  • Image sensor: 1/3 inch CMOS sensor
  • Resolution: 720p/60fps
  • FPV/Recording FOV: 150°
  • Lens: 2.1mm
  • FPV Latency: 32ms
  • TV system: NTSC&PAL(switchable)
  • Work Temperature: -20℃~+60℃
  • Weight: 4.5g
  • Dimension: 14*14*21mm(can be extended into 19*19mm)


  • 1 x Camera
  • 8 x Scews
  • 1 x 14mm-19mm Case
  • 1 x Warranty Card

*Note: this camera does not come with a cable of its own. you may purchase one here or you can use the cable that came with your HD transmitter.