BrotherHobby Speed Shield 2207.5 2700kv Motor (4pk)


$59.99 $79.99

BrotherHobby Speed Shield 2207.5 2700kv Motor - Chaos Edition (4Pack)

Cyclone FPV and BrotherHobby have teamed together to create this special edition Chaos 2207.5 motor design. The new Chaos from Cyclone FPV features theSpeed Shield motor designed by BrotherHobby and adds the custom metal rainbow bell color (exclusive to the Chaos Cyclone FPV edition) along with our new Chaos name and Cyclone FPV Logo.


  • KV: 2700KV
  • Configuration:12N14P
  • No.of Cells(Lipo):4-6S
  • Rotor: N52H arc magnets
  • Stator:0.15mm Nippon Steel silicon steel
  • Shaft: Titanium Alloy hollow shaft
  • Bearings: Japanese NMB 9x4x4mm
  • Wire AWG:20AWG 16cm length
  • Bell cap: Al 7075
  • Base casing: Al 7075
  • Prop Adapter Shaft Thread: M5
  • Bolt Pattern: M3 (16X16mm)
  • Weight: 31g with wires
  • 4x BH-CFPV Special Edition 2207.5-2400KV Motor
  • 4x Screw Set
  • 4x Hex Nut