BonRoy SR2304 2300KV Motors


$2.99 $16.99

BonRoy SR2304 2300KV Motors from Cyclone FPV

Item: SR2304
RPM: 2300 KV
ESC: 20A
Max watt(W): 275.3
Max current: 18.4A
weight: 29.5g
Size (mm): 28.5 19.7
Battery (lipo cells): 3-4s
Pull: 740g

Package included:

  • 1 x BonRoy SR2304 2300KV Motors

NOTE: During the close of DYS we managed to purchase their remaining stock of motors and the DYS BonRoy series and various other DYS motors at discounted pricing. We are passing the deals on to you. Please understand that these are sold as is and All Sales are Final. The motors come as you see and do not include locking prop fasteners or mounting screws. If you need those items please select from the links below:

Locking Prop Fasteners (M5) can be found here

M3 Screws can be found here