Banshee-M345v1 Frame and Drone Bundles from Cyclone FPV

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Banshee-M345v1 Mini Racing Frame and DIY Drone Kit

The Banshee-M345v1 Frame and Drone Bundle from Cyclone FPV comes with four options:

  1. Frame Only - This just means that you are purchasing the frame only and nothing more. If you wish to simply purchase the frame, just add it to your cart from this page and you can complete your checkout. 
  2. Ready to Fly Bundles (RTF) - This is an entire drone setup assembled, tested, and bound to the selected transmitter included in the bundle. This bundle option does not include goggles, batteries, battery chargers, or props but those items can be added during checkout.
  3. Bind and Fly Bundles (BNF) - This is an entire drone setup assembled and tested. This bundle option does not include a transmitter, goggles, batteries, battery chargers, or props but those items can be added during checkout.
  4. DIY - The DIY option is one that I encourage people to purchase if they really want to dig in and get to understand their new drone functions and features. This is a direct hands-on approach where we ship you the frame and all the parts and you then follow our online tutorial videos and build the drone yourself.

Each tab contains the configuration for each of the four options. Select the option you are interested in and you can purchase these directly from our website today!

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The Banshee-M345v1 frame from Cyclone FPV comes with the following items:

  • 1 X G10FR4 2mm Top Plate
  • 1 X G10FR4 2mm Bottom Plate
  • 1 X G10FR4 2mm Camera Housing Top Plate
  • 1 X G10FR4 2mm Receiver Plate
  • 4 X Carbon Fiber 3mm Arms with ArmLOK(tm)
  • 2 X 20mm Aluminum Standoffs
  • 4 X 15mm Aluminum Standoffs
  • 2 X 3mm Nylon Standoffs
  • 2 X 12mm Frame Screws
  • 18 X 6mm Frame Screws

If you would like to purchase the frame only, please click the Add to Cart Button at the top of this page when you are ready.








The brand new low profile Banshee-M345.v1 racing and freestyle mini-quad by CycloneFPV is one of the most amazing mini-quads we have ever made. The frame boasts a super strong 2mm battery plate and camera enclosure while the arms are reinforced using 3mm 3K carbon fiber. The entire quad weights roughly 62grams and comes with 3" prop length arms.

One of the most unique features on the M345 is the ability to upgrade the arms to fit 4" and 5" props (this giving it the name M345). This banshee model begins with an M which stands for modular while the 3,4,5 represents the size props you can fly with a simple change in the arm length.

This Banshee also boasts the ArmLok(tm) arm interlocking design exclusive to CycloneFPV. Our ArmLok(tm) design locks the arms in place to provide a much stronger and more reliable fit during flight and even after impact.

Finally, let's talk about low profile. The highest part of the quad is located at teh front where the camera sits. This height is roughly 22mm while the remainder of the quad sits at 10mm. This is not only one of the thinnest and lowest profile quads you will ever see, but it is also a high performance beast that can fly 3", 4", or 5" props and push your skills to the limit.

With full build, minus LiPo, the weight is 178g. This is truly a light, thin, and extremely responsive frame/quad design.

The following is a list of optional add-on items that you can purchase to work with your Banshee-M345v1 Drone from Cyclone FPV.

If you have any questions about the items listed here or would like more information on other options available, please click the "Ask a Question" button below.