Cyclone FPV Banshee-110HX Wide Battery Mount



Cyclone FPV Banshee-110HX Wide Battery Mount

The Banshee-110HX series quad has the option to add a bottom battery mount/protection plate that is supported by 20mm aluminum standoffs. This add-on is made from the same material as the Banshee frame, 2mm G10FR4, and will fit using the existing pre-drilled holes in the original frame. (Contents: (1) G10FR4 cut battery protection plate, (4) 20MM Black Aluminum Standoffs, (4) M3 10MM Screws - Blue Top, (4) M3 12MM Screws - Red Top, (8) 1mm Nylon Spacers

Step1: Use the M3 10MM screws (blue top) and fasten the 20mm aluminum spacers from the bottom of the plate. The 10mm screws will be facing the ground when you mount the plate.

Step2: Use the M3 12MM screws (red top) to fasten the aluminum standoffs to the Banshee-100HX frame. You may have to move the motor wires to the side a little to see the pre-drilled screw hold. If the bell top of the screw presses against the Power-Stack frame, simply loosen the power stack a little so that it can slide out of the way. There is a little play in the Power-Stack base mount specifically for this purpose.

That's it. Once you are done, your battery protection plate should look like the images below. Remember, red screws on top and blue screws on bottom. The paint on the screws can be wiped off with alcohol swab or other cleaning material. Most batteries should slide in from front to back. If you are unable to fit your battery because of the height restriction, simply use the nylon spacers to add more clearance to the plate. You can add up to 2mm when you add the spacers. If you require more than this clearance, simply locate spacers that can fit with M3 screws.

*Important - please make sure that you tighten both ends of this mount. I recommend that you also use LocTite or something similar to really lock the screws in and prevent them from becoming loose during flight.