Airbot Typhoon 4x20A 4in1 ESC PRO


$19.99 $49.99

If you‰ۡó»re looking for amazing performance in a tiny package, checkout the Typhoon 4-in-1 Pro ESC which is a single PCB containing four 20amp LittleBee ESCs in a 10 gram package. The same size as a standard 35x35mm flight controller and with 30.5x30.5mm mounting holes, it will stack neatly along with your flight controller and PDB. It has easy-to-solder, gold plated solder points for the motor and power leads. The ESC signal input plug is a 6pin SH1.0 connector for easy connection to most low profile boards. Alternatively, use the included SH1.0 to 2.54mm DuPont breakout cable to connect to your standard servo pin headers. Some high performance ESCs are known to have problems that can cause voltage spikes, especially when damped light is enabled. On these ESCs the problem can be mitigated by adding a large external capacitor. However with theTyphoon 4-in-1 Pro, this issue has been taken into account in the design and extensive testing has been done to ensure that no external capacitor is needed, even with damped light enabled. It comes with both the BlHeli firmware and the BlHeli bootloader installed for easy CleanFlight and BetaFlight passthrough programming. When updating to a new version of BlHeli, use the LittieBee Pro 20Afirmware.

Damped Light will make huge voltagespikes on LIPO side, please make sure your device works with that.


  • F396 MCU, 48MhzRuns BLHELI LittieBee Pro 20A firmware
  • 3-6S
  • 4PWM input, works with our FLIPAIO/PX4AIO and all other FC
  • Supports oneshot PWM
  • Only 35x35mm, mount holes 30x30mm (on new batch, the holes will bechanged to 30.5x30.5mm)
  • Supports damped light
  • no BEC output
  • NO External capacitors needed
  • 80A(4x20A) peak(under air flow), 60A(4x15A) peak(in frame)


  • Typhoon 4x20A 4in1 ESC
  • 6pin SH1.0 to 2.54 DuPont Cable


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