3D Print FC Mounting Adapters All sizes

Cyclone FPV


3D Print FC Mounting Adapters All sizes from Cyclone FPV

We offer 3D printed Flight Controller Adapters that are designed to adjust your mounting options up or down. Go from 30.5x30.5 to 25x25 to 20x20 to 16x16 and then go back the other way if needed. Our 3D printed adapters are printed with PETG Material and come with a standoff height of 2.5mm for m2 screws and 4mm for m3 screws. 

If you need a specific adapter made, or have questions about these adapters, please click here.

Package Contents:

  • 3D Adapter Plate (no screws, standoffs, or frames)

STL Files:

Feel free to download these files for free if you have a 3D Printer available. Please remember that all STL files are 10X the size so make sure to reduce the print to .10 to print it at the actual size.