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Sales - Open Box, Used, Blemished Discounts!

CycloneFPV is always working to design the newest frame updates and configurations. In order to do this properly, we must go through a great deal of inventory for testing purposes which ends up leaving us with a great deal of open box items. Frame design changes can also leave us with an extra amount of frames that were used in order to assist with the design. We then have our open box items, our returned items, and various other items that are simply given a huge discount in order to help move product and find someone who can benefit from the discounts. Please note that all items are pictured with everything included. If it is not in the picture, it is not coming with the product. This could be wire harnesses, power connections, etc. 

Returns / Warranty: Items sold in the discount, open box, and blemished category are tested to verify that components are functioning. Items purchased in this category are sold as is and there are no returns accepted.

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