Diablo-M220v2 Frame Only - Blemished

Cyclone FPV

$39.99 $79.99

Frames that are sold in this category are usually part of the initial design and build process of a final CycloneFPV frame version. It takes hundreds of cuts and modifications to reach a final version which means that I create a great deal of extra carbon fiber parts until I reach the cut that meets my criteria.Frames that are sold in this category can have off center cuts, slightly damaged carbon fiber, extra holes or off center holes, uneven arm spacing, and various other defects or issues that were a result of the cutting, design, or layout process. However, frames with these issues have been repaired as best as possible in order to make them available to sell as used, open box, or blemished. Pictures are posted to represent one of the frames being sold in this category. Your item will be the same make and model but may not be the item represented in this picture.

These frames are sold as is, are not eligible for return, and do not come with a warranty. They are discounted to make them easily affordable.