Used Motors FPV Drone Quad Mutli-Rotor Motors from Cyclone FPV

Cyclone FPV

$5.00 $10.99

BrotherHobby Speed Shield Chaos Edition, Lumenier Freybott M2206-9 2400KV, Emax RS2205-2300KV S Series, DYS Fire 2600KV, T-Motor F40ProII-2600KV, Emax RS2205-2300KV, Emax RS2205-2600KV and more...

Time to move some of the motors that are used for testing in our quads and what better way to do it than to discount them and include a video of each set being tested and shown to work without issue. The motors are sold as is and all sales are final. The video was done to make sure that you could verify that each motor functions during our testing.

These were used so there will be cosmetic signs of use on them. They are discounted and there will be more motors added as I continue to test and bag each set.

I recommend that you please read our used / open box policy page prior to placing your order.

For now, the pricing is as follow:

  1. Lumenier Freybott M2206-9 2400KV -$6.25 ea.
  2. Emax RS2205-2300KV (S) - $6.25 ea.
  3. DYS Fire 2600KV -$5.00 ea.
  4. T-Motor F40PROII-2600KV - $12.50 ea.
  5. Emax RS2205-2300KV - $5.00 ea.
  6. Emax RS2205 2600KV - $5.00 ea.
  7. MultiStar 2206 2150KV -$2.50 ea.
  8. MultiStar Viking 2208 2600KV -$5.00 ea.
  9. BrotherHobby Speed Shield 2207.5 2700KV Chaos Ed. -$12.50 ea.
  10. BrotherHobby R3 2206 2450KV - $5.00 ea.
  11. Emax RS2205 2300KV with 30A Emax ESC - $12.50 ea.
  12. T-Motor F40PROII 2400KV - $12.50 ea.
  13. BrotherHobby Speed Shield 2207.5 3400KV Chaos Edition - $12.50 ea.

Motors can be seen in the video so additional pictures are not added at this time.