CycloneFPV™ Front-Logo Thin Fab Long Sleeve Hoodie

Cyclone FPV


CycloneFPV™ Front-Logo Thin Fab Long Sleeve Hoodie

Pick up one of our new thin fabric CycloneFPV™ hoodies today and start saving on your next purchase. Snap a photo wearing one of our new hoodies and let us post it on our website and social media pages, and you will earn a CycloneFPV gift card equal to the amount you paid for your hoodie. 

Size Information:

"I wear a 2XL Hanes T-Shirt for a semi-loose fit. A 3XL hoodie was a good fit to put over my T-Shirt. So my suggestion is to pick a hoodie that would be 1 - 2 sizes larger than a comfortable T-Shirt. The 3XL hoodie over my 2XL T-Shirt was fine but for a loose fit, I went to a 4XL. Use this as your guide when selecting your size." ~ Tarek Maalouf

Material Information:

"The material is very thin, similar to a "dry-fit" material. I wore this when the temperatures outside were 35 degrees and it was ok but it would not be warmer than a standard cotton sweat jacket. However, when I was working and actively stocking items and working in the warehouse, the hoodie was excellent for warmth and breathability" ~ Tarek Maalouf

Size Chart:

  • China - Medium = US - SM / XS
  • China - Large = US - MD / SM
  • China - XLarge = US - LG / MD
  • China - 2XLarge = US - XL / LG
  • China - 3XLarge = US - 2XL / XL
  • China - 4XLarge = US - 3XL / 2XL