Black Widow 1806-2300KV Drone Motor With Built-In ESC-CCW



Black Widow 1806-2300KV Drone Motor With Built-In ESC-CCW

Do you want deadly performance for your multirotor? The Black Widow Series of motors have been specifically designed for multi-rotor racing when only the best will do.

More compact, lighter and with greater efficiency, Black Widow motors are premium motor systems incorporating both the motor and ESC into a single unit. This saves space, reduces overall weight of the model, reduces drag and allows the system to run cooler.

Wth the built in ESC you can also change the direction of rotation of these motors with a simple flick of a switch and there is also a USB compatible flashport at the base of the unit that will allow you to update the firmware.

These crisp looking units have been manufactured to exacting standards and use original NMB bearings to ensure the smoothest running and reliability of the motor. Quality mounting accessories are of course included and multiple mounting holes cater for most multi-rotor frames currently on the market.

If you are into FPV racing and want motors with real bite in performance then its hard to go past the Black Widow Series.

All in one motor with built-in ESC
Built-in reversing switch
Built-in flashing port for firmware upgrades
Fast throttle response
High efficiency
CNC case for durability
0.2mm thickness silicon steel sheet used for stator which creates low current loss
NMB bearings for durability and smooth running
NdFeB high temperature rated magnets for trouble free operation
Dynamically balanced
Compact and lightweight
Low internal resistance
All in one unit keeps wiring neat and tidy

Model Name:180618A
ESC Current:18A / 28A
BEC Output:No
ESC Battery cell:2-3S Lipo
Motor KV:2300KV
Size:27.5 x 19.4

1 x ZTW Black Widow1806-2300KV Drone Motor CCW
1 x Manual

Important Info:

  • The Black Widow Motor Rotation is not like other motors. The CW and CCW on these motors indicate the direction to tighten the prop nut and not the direction the motor spins. A CCW Motor will spin CW in direction and tighten CCW. Given then fact that most motors are now bi-directional (as are these) you can use 4 of the same direction motors and utilize locking nuts (not included) as well as LocTite(tm). Cyclone FPV recommends the use of LocTite(tm) when tightening propeller nuts.