Genesis-M220LP Used Drone from Cyclone FPV - $150.00

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Genesis-M220LP Used Drone from Cyclone FPV - $150.00

I just flew this quad a week ago to test it out and things were fine with it. There are some issues to be aware of. First, the USB port is loose. To fix it I added hot glue but you must press it down hard to make sure the connection with the USB cable can work. Eventually I anticipate this will give out and then you can either re-solder it or simply connect via an FTDI Adapter and a UART. The RXSR does not have a bind button but I did solder two wires on to the board that you can touch together to replicate the bind button being pressed. You will have to do this knowing that if the wires come loose, they will need to be re-soldered. 

While I cannot think of anything else that was of issue, please understand that you are purchasing this quad "AS-IS" and there will be no refunds or returns for any reason. If you are not comfortable with this agreement, please do not purchase this quad. I would not recommend that anyone new to the industry purchase this quad as it may be too powerful and require a bit more knowledge on how to configure and work around some of the listed issues. 

During the course of development and final production, many prototypes and testing drones are created to make sure that our final production line includes only the best models and design implementations. While most of the models are destroyed during test flights, impact tests, and durability stress tests, some are kept prior to the final production run. The drones you see here are those drones. 

In an effort to reduce our inventory and make room for newer models and newer test drones, I am going to discount the test drones that I have hung up. They will be sold at no more than 50% of the retail price and will be tested to ensure that they work. Any issues found with them will be reported to you but please note that those issues will not be fixed in most cases. These are "As-Is" purchases meaning that your decision to purchase these models comes with the understanding that there is no implied warranty and there are no returns.