Used Flight Controllers from Cyclone FPV in Texas

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It is time to move some of the used FPV Flight Controllers from Cyclone FPV and now I am going to pass the savings on to you. The used items found on this page pertain to Flight Controllers only and will include pictures of the items. However, please note that not every single Flight Controller that is listed for sale will be pictures. As an example, if I have a stock of 4 HGLRC Flight Controllers, I will take a picture of them as a group and post it on the page. However, if I come across anymore of the same model, I will not update the pictures. The initial picture will remain in place. I will do my best to make sure that that the pictures are as accurate as possible but want to make it clear that my testing of each Flight Controller will be to verify all functions of the boards are working.

These were used so there will be cosmetic signs of use on them. They are discounted and there will be more motors added as I continue to test and bag each set.

I recommend that youplease read our used / open box policy pageprior to placing your order.

For now, the pricing is as follows:

  1. HGLRC F3V4 Pro AIO Flight Controller - $19.99
  2. Lumeier F4 AIO Flight Controller - $19.99
  3. RacerStar F4 AIO Flight Controller / 4-in-1 ESC - $29.99 (read note at bottom)
  4. Naze32 Acro Flight Controller - $5.99

* Note - The RacerStar F4AIO was one mounting corner opened due to my attempt to widen the mounting hole with a press. The board will mount fine but I must disclose this. The issue in no way affected the board or the performance.