Racerstar StarF4 30A BL_S 4 In 1 w/ F4 Flight Controller



Racerstar StarF4 30A BL_S 4 In 1 ESC 5V BEC w/ F4 Flight Controller

Notice: Can not support PPM Receiver

Notice: The 4 installing holes were linked to the positive of power. ( battery +) Therefore, must use the plastic screws or any others non-conductive screws to install.

Racerstar StarF4 30A 2-4S Blheli_S 4 in 1 ESC AIO F4 BF3.1 FlightControllerw/BEC Current Sensor

Brand Name: Racerstar
Item Name: 30A Blheli_S 4 in 1 ESC AIO F4 Flight Control Board
Model: StarF4
Lipo Battery: 2-4S
Con. Current: 30A
Peak Current: 35A (10S)
BEC: 5V @1A
Programming: YES

F4 FC + BEC + Current
Input Voltage: 2-4S Lipo
Output Voltage:5V@1A
Sensor: STM32F4 CPU
ICM-MPU6000 Accelerometers and Gyroscopes SPI MicroUSB socket
Size(PCB): 36x36mm
Weight: 22g

- Built-in F4 Flight Control Board
- BB2, 48MHZ Chip
- Blheli_S Firmware,
- 4 in 1 ESC, Super small size (36*36mm) and light weight, easy to install and use
- With 5V 1A BEC
- With Current Sensor
-Support 2-4S Lipo Battery
- Support Oneshot42, Oneshot125, Multishot and 16.5 Dshot600
- All codes use damped light mode.Damped light does regenerative braking, causing very fastmotorretardation, and inherently also does active freewheeling.

Package Included:
1x StarF4 30A 4 in 1 ESC Buit-in F4 FC Module
2x Cable
1x bag of screws
1x Manual