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Used EquipmentInfo and Policies:

This item is an open box/used item that has been tested and is ready to ship at a discounted price. The picture you seemay be the actual used item or, when time did not permit, the picture of the item as posted under the new version. I tried to provide pictures of the used items but I simply do not have the time to take still pictures of ever used item before I post it. You can expect the item to show signs of use including the following:

  • solder on the pads
  • cut wire harness, shortened wires, or no wire harness
  • glue, double sided tape, etc.
  • scratches etc. from use
  • soldered wires that have not been removed
  • items that come from the factory with wire harnesses, antennas, buzzers, power connectors, etc. will usually not have those items included in the used deals. I will do my best to include them if I can, but if they were not present during testing, and I did not find any spares, then the item, and only the item, will be included in the sale.

The blemishes and other factors that are a direct result from being used will not impede the quality or function of this item. A few more things to note please:

  • Flight Controllers- Used flight controllers are tested by attaching the controller to the pc and performing a firmware update in BetaFlight (unless the FC requires proprietary software. Once this test is complete and the firmware is updated, a quick log-in is done to make sure that we have Gyro function. Once that is done, the FC is packaged up for sale.
  • Power Distribution Boards- Used PDB's are tested by attaching them to a power source and verifying that the accurate voltage is being read from the output sources. Once that is done, the PDB is packaged up for sale.
  • Video Transmitters- Used VTX's are tested by connecting them to a power source and verifying that video is able to be transmitted using a standard FPV camera. The signal will be tested on the default channel (usually A1). Once this is done, the VTX is packaged up for sale.
  • FPV Cameras- Used FPV Cameras are tested by connecting them to a VTX and testing to make sure that video is able to be transmitted. Once that is done, the FPV Camera is packaged up for sale.
  • Speed Controllers- Used ESC's are tested by connecting the ESC to the FC and Motor, performing a firmware update, and then running the motor. Once that is done, the ESC is packaged up for sale.
  • Receivers- Used RTX's are tested by attaching them to a working Flight Controller and binding them to an in-house transmitter. The FC will then be attached to BetaFlight to verify that the receiver is working properly. Once that is done, the RTX will be packaged up for sale.
  • Transmitters- Used TX's are tested by binding it to a working receiver and FC and then connecting it to BetaFlight to make sure that the receiver is able to receive the signals. Once that is done, the TX is packaged up for sale.

I strongly recommend that you ask any questions prior to ordering. I discount these items to a price that is below my cost in an effort to offer some really good discounts to the FPV community. My goal is to make sure you are well taken care of so if you are not familiar with products like this, please hold off on purchasing until I can assist you.

~Tarek Maalouf

The Turnigy T100 Multifunction Touch Screen Charger is a next generation full function charger at the price of a basic charger. Packed full of features that you would expect on much more expensive units, the T100 will be your new take anywhere charger. Not only does it have the flexibility of being an AC/DC charger but it also has the ability to charge the new LiHV batteries.

Don't let its small size fool you either, this is a powerful little device able to charge at up to 10amps and discharge up to 5amps; it even includes a 5v USB port to charge devices such as phones, cameras and other portable devices.

The large 320x480px LCD screen is super sharp and easy to read under most conditions and is simple to use even for those of us with XXXL fingers. It even comes with a Micro USB port so you can hook it up to your PC to see charge logs and for firmware updates.

So if you've been looking for a powerful charger for home or out in the field you need look no further, the Turnigy T100 is here.

Touch screen control
Support LiHV battery
5V/2.1A USB port for charging Phones/MP3/other devices
Micro USB port for PC Communication and Firmware Upgrade
External temperature port
Safety cut-off function (Voltage/Temperature/Capacity/Time)

DC Input Voltage:11-30V
AC Input Voltage:100-240V
Display Type:320x480 LCD
Size:115mm x 168mm x 54mm
Battery Types/Cells:LiPo/Lilon/LiFe/LiHV 1~6S,NiMH/NiCd 1~15S, Pb 2~20V
Max Charge:100W
Max Discharge:10W
Charge Current Range:0.1~10.0A
Discharge Current Range:0.1~5.0A*
Balance Current:300mA/cell
Memory:10 Profiles

*Note: Discharge current subject to battery capacity and type.