OpenRacer 5 inch Racing Frame

Cyclone FPV


Cyclone FPV Custom Carbon Fiber Drones OpenRacer Arms Completed

OpenRacer XV and XVF Specifications:

  • Arms - 5mm Carbon Fiber 
    • XV arms are slightly narrower - braces recommended
    • XVF arms are slightly wider - braces recommended
  • Braces - 4mm Carbon Fiber (comes with XV and XVF Frame Kit)
  • Top Plate - 2mm Carbon Fiber with press nuts
  • Bottom Plate - 3mm Carbon Fiber with countersunk holes
  • Hardware Kit - (Included with XV and XVF Frame Kits)
    • 8 x M3 Press Nuts - *pre-installed on the top plate and are not included in stand-alone hardware kit purchase.
    • 4 x M3 x 10mm Textured Standoffs
    • 4 x M3 Nylon Fastener
    • 8 x M3 x 12mm Button Head Screws - for mounting motors w/brace
    • 8 x M3 x 8mm Button Head Scews - for mounting motors w/o brace
    • 4 x M3 x 6mm Button Head Screws - to secure the canopy to the top
    • 4 x M3 x 16mm Fluted Screws - for the arm to standoff mounting
    • 4 x M3 x 30mm Fluted Screws - for 30x30 stacks
    • 4 x M3 x 12mm Button Head Screws - for 20x20 stack only

Please note that you may purchase additional hardware kits to keep as extra if you like. The hardware kits will contain the same items listed above in the hardware kit section of the frame.

You may notice a slight film of oil on your carbon fiber parts. This is part of the final curing process once the frame has been cut, sanded, buffed, and washed. You may wipe any remaining oil film off with a soft paper towel or soft cloth if you wish.