Cyclone FPV Titus-3 Indoor / Outdoor Frame and Drone Bundle

Cyclone FPV


Cyclone FPV Titus-3 Indoor / Outdoor Frame and Drone Bundle

Following in the footsteps of the Quattro series frames, the new Titus series features an arrow-like configuration for front-crash protection, while also pushing the motors outward and back to provide reduced oscillations. In addition to these unique features is the braced unibody construction that provides support and impact absorption throughout the entire frame. Light. Fast. Durable. This is what you expect and this is what we deliver! 

New Options Added:

We are creating new pre-configured builds based on some of the selections that our customers have purchased. You will now see the dropdown menu offer the following options:

  • Frame Only
  • Customize
  • (Custom Builds)

When you select the Custom Builds options listed directly below the Customize, the drop-down choices will be limited to only those that are part of that specific custom build. Simply put, you cannot make a mistake. So have fun and get ready to really enjoy the FPV world today!

Please note that you can choose from the Caddx Nebula Pro HD Option or an Analog VTX for the Analog Versions.

Titus-3HD Frame Specifications:

  • Material: 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Wheelbase: ~127mm
  • Motor Options: M2x9x9 (11xx,12xx), M2x12x12 (14xx,15xx)
  • FC Options: M2x16x16, M2x20x20
  • Camera Hole Position:¬†M2x19x19
  • Space Height: 20mm
  • Prop Size:¬†2.8" (11xx Motors) / 3" (14xx and 15xx Motors)
  • Unibody Frame Thickness: 4mm¬†3K Carbon Fiber
  • Top¬†Plate Thickness: 3mm 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Total Net Weight: 25g (including 3D bumper/cam tpu print)

Additional Items Included with Frame:

  • 1x Cyclone FPV LiPo Strap
  • 1 x Silicone Anti-Slip LiPo Pad
  • 3 x M2 25mm Black Aluminum Stand-Off
  • 4 x M2 8mm socket head screws
  • 2 x M2 10mm socket head screws
  • 1 x TPU Front Bumper / Camera Mount

Optional Items:

  • 2.8" Props Guards
  • 3" Props
  • 4S LiPo Batteries
  • 5S LiPo Batteries
  • 6S LiPo Batteries

Note: I personally cut each frame to order and will not cut these ahead of time. I personally cut, wash, sand, buff, and chemically treat each frame prior to shipping. This entire process from order to shipping can take between one to two weeks so please be patient. ~ Tarek Maalouf

Built initially for Dustin G, this design incorporates the quality and speed of the Titus frame with protective propeller guards and 2.8" props. In addition to this, the Caddx Nebula Nano fits perfectly on the newly designed frame and delivered some of the best HD quality around.

Titus-3HDi 4S / 6S Specifications:

  • Frame: Cyclone FPV Titus-3 v2 Unibody Frame
  • Motors: HGLRC 1106 2400kv (6S) / 1106 3600kv (4S)
  • Flight Controller: JHEMCU GHF420 AIO 25/35A
  • ESC: (see FC)
  • VTX: Caddx Vista HD
  • Camera: Caddx Nebula Nano
  • GPS:¬†(optional)
  • Buzzer/LED:¬†(optional)
  • Receiver: DJI
  • Props: KingKong 2.8" T-Props with Prop Guards
  • Weight: ~241g with 4S 650mAh

Cyclone FPV Titus-3 Analog Under 120g 3 Inch Drone

Built for one of my great customers AL R., this Titus-3 Analog is perfect and ready to fly with all the bells and whistles. AL said he wanted a 3 Inch drone custom with GPS, LED, Buzzer and asked that it come in a stack and not an AIO Setup. Well, we did it, and now we are bringing the same build to all of you. 

Titus-3ALi 4S / 6S Specifications:

  • Frame: Cyclone FPV Titus-3 v2 Unibody Frame
  • Motors: HGLRC 1106 2400kv (6S) / 1106 3800kv (4S)
  • Flight Controller: HGLRC F420 Stack
  • ESC: HGLRC F420 4in1 15A
  • VTX: HGLRC VTX Mini / JHMECU VTX (based on product availability)
  • Camera: (customer¬†selection 14x14)
  • GPS: (optional)
  • Buzzer/LED:¬†(optional)
  • Receiver: (optional)
  • Props: KingKong 2.8"¬†T-Props with Prop¬†Guards
  • LiPo: (optional)
  • Weight:¬†TBA
  • All Cyclone FPV frames are hand-finished and require a minimum of one week to cut, sand, buff, and inspect before they are shipped out. This build will take approximately one to two weeks to complete. If you are unable to wait this long for the drone, please do not order it. I will not rush a frame cut or a build, as this could compromise my work quality and the fun that I have when I cut and build.

Update 08/25/21:

The Titus frame has been upgraded to 4mm carbon fiber for all HD Builds. It has yet to be determined if this will also transition to the analog builds. The body has changed by widening the outside frame by 1mm and adding additional supports inside the frame that allows for a cleaner motor wire run.

Update 05/27/21:

The 3D Canopy has been replaced by a custom 3K Carbon Fiber top plate that will allow for top mount cameras and batteries.