Gemfan 6030 GRP/Nylon Propellers CW/CCW Set (Orange)


$1.25 $2.99

GemFan Propellers have set the gold standard in the small class Multirotor community, known for their durability, great balancing and superb hub centering and expendable price.

They come packaged as a set of 2, with one CW rotation and one CCW rotation.

There is a wide range of color options that can be mixed and matched to help with multirotor orientation. This is the perfect upgrade for any small multirotor.

Size:6030 (6 x 3)
Hub:4.9mm (adapters included for 3, 3.1 & 3.8mm shafts)
Material:Glassreinforced Nylon

1 x CW rotation
1 x CCW rotation