Turnigy Heavy Duty 3300mAh 4S 60C Lipo Pack w/XT90 Connector


$34.99 $39.99

Turnigy batteries are known the world over for performance,reliabilityand price. It‰ۡó»s no surprise to us that Turnigy Lipoly packs are the go-to pack for those in the know. The Turnigy Heavy Duty Series have the amp draw capability you want for yourhigh-performancemodels at a price everyone can afford.

Turnigy batteries are equipped with heavy duty discharge leads tominimizeresistance and sustain high current loads. Turnigy batteries stand up to the punishing extremes of aerobatic flight and RC vehicles. Each pack is equipped with XT90 connectors and JST-XH style balance connectors. All Turnigy Lipoly batteries packs are assembled using IR matched cells.

You won‰ۡó»t find a better deal in Lipoly batteries anywhere!

Lithium Polymer batteries are used in many RC hobby industries. Over the last few years, Lipo batteries have become the most popular battery choice for anyone looking for a longer run time and higher power.

Lipo batteries weigh less and can be made into almost any size or shape. Lipo batteries have higher capacities, hold more power and have a higher discharge rate, meaning they pack more punch. For safe use and storage of Lipo batteries, you need to follow the rules and treat the batteries with the respect they deserve.

Wide tabs with copper coating for superior power transfer
Super high 60C discharge rate
Perfect for high-performance models
Heavy duty silicone wire leads

Configuration:4S1P / 14.8v / 4Cell
Discharge:60C / 120C (Burst)
Dimension:136 x 45 x 32mm
Charge Plug:JST-XH
Discharge plug:XT90
Wire Gauge:10AWG