HQProp 1.6x1.6x4 Micro Whoop Props (1mm Shaft 4 Colors)

HQ Props


These HQProp Micro Whoop Propellers have a shaft hole of 1.0mm and are a great choice for many brushless whoops! 40mm of length means they fit a variety of power whoop style drones that use 1.0mm shaft brushless motors. Typically 0603/0703/0802 brushless motors on whoops such as the Mobula7, Beta75, Beta75 Pro 2, Beta75S.

Now available in a variety of colors.

Does NOT fit the Beta75X. The 75Xuses 1.5mm shaft motors.

Length: 40mm
Product Material: ABS
Color: Black, Orange, Purple, Green
Inner Diameter: 1.0mm Shaft
Weight: 0.3g


2x HQProp 1.6x1.6x4 Whoop Props (1.0mm Shaft Hole)
2x HQProp 1.6x1.6x4 Whoop Props (1.0mm Shaft Hole)