York Junior High Drone Kits from Cyclone FPV

York Junior High Drone Kits from Cyclone FPV

York Junior High Drone Kits from Cyclone FPV

Cyclone FPV is proud to be working with Coach Stafford as he heads up the new drone course at York Junior High in Spring Texas. I am working directly with Coach Stafford to make sure that the hardware that is included in each kit will offer each student the chance to learn, assemble, program, and fly their new drone. 

September 15th Update:

I have secured special pricing for batteries, chargers, and props for the York Junior High Students participating in Coach Stafford's Fall 2019 Drone Class. Please click the links below to visit deals exclusive to York JH Students Only.

I will be adding more bundle specials in the coming days so please keep checking in. Also, if you have not signed up for the York Drone Class Email Notifications from Cyclone FPV, please fill out the email form below. You will receive emails when we post updates, discounts, and other information related to York JH Drone Classes and Kits. 

September 13th 2019 Update:

Each kit has been sold out but that does not mean that we do not have more. I simply had to pull the links so that I could count all the remaining items and make sure we had the ability to complete more kits if needed. If you would like to order a kit for your child who attends York Junior High, please click here to contact me and I will reply back with a valid link for you to use. 

Cyclone FPV Drone Kits for York Junior High Students:

  • Spedix Drone Kit v3 - SOLD OUT
  • Spedix Drone Kit v2 - SOLD OUT
  • Spedix Drone Kit v1 - SOLD OUT
  • SpyderBytes Drone Kit v2 - SOLD OUT
  • SpyderBytes Drone Kit v1 - SOLD OUT
  • Cricket Darkside Drone Kit v1 - SOLD OUT

We are working to add more kits to meet with the current demand from York Junior High. As kits sell out, new kits will be created once inventory is calculated and set aside. If you are trying to purchase a drone kit for your child at York Junior High and it is currently sold out, simply add your email address in the box below and you will be contacted as soon as a new kit is available (usually the same day)


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