Flooding and Power Outage Delays 09/19/19

Flooding and Power Outage Delays 09/19/19

Update 10/04/19 3:42PM CST

Tracking updates now show all missing packages to be found and routed from Texas Facilities to their final destination. This is pleasant update to see. I will continue to track the remaining three packages until they arrive. 

Update 09/20/19 2:16PM CST

I spoke with the local office here in Spring Texas and they have indicated that there is an investigation into this as well on their end. This means that we now have two offices investigating the issues here and I hope that we will see a resolution shortly. 

I know that there are some packages still undelivered and I am working on it. Right now I am being told that someone at the USPS facility in Spring Texas did not properly scan the but that this does not mean they are not in transit. I have been told to give this a few more days to see if we have any updates. I intend to submit a full report on Monday and will be back here over the weekend as well to post updates.

I really am sorry guys. I am doing all I can to find out why this is happening.


Update: 09/19/19 1:05PM CST

1. Flooding is pretty bad out here now and delays are still expected. We have a little water in the shop but nothing that we cannot work around. Others are not so lucky. I will update you when I see the shipping carriers. UPS has indicated that they are not able to enter the area right now and I anticipate that the other carriers will be in the same boat. (no pun intended)

2. I received a call from the USPS center that handles high risk issues. The issues with our packages has been escalated and is being looked into by some higher-ups. This is good news as it seems that our local branch does not have the resources to do this. I did hang up feeling much better that the issue has caught the attention of the USPS department that handles the high-risk cases since these folks seem just as bothered as I am about the problem.

I will post updates as I get them. 

Flooding and Power Outage Delays 09/19/19

Due to severe flooding and repeated power outages, outbound shipments from Cyclone FPV may be delayed. I am contacting our carriers to see if they are able to come by but have anticipated that many are going to delay or cancel today's pickup services if the weather does not clear up. I will post any changes and updates as they become available. 

~ Tarek Maalouf

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